"Denim" Medium Check-in

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Carefully glued by hand, Painting carbon fiber using the airbrush on the hard shell directly.There are two different in color, vibrant atmosphere the feeling of denim (New Year's Day blue jeans) expression.The background colors of the front and back plates were different to preserve the symmetrical beauty.There are two colors of spray paint in turn, dried and 1 side after the plastic part symbol and logo stickers on them and the decorations (The decal).Repeat the spraying either a gloss coat rolled up to three more times on the work and finished product.

We also put a lot of effort into the original function of the carrier.

  • Pure "Carbon Fiber" handmade original version.
  • 360° Multi-wheel (2cm bigger) by Hinomoto, Japan.
  • Telescopic aluminum handle.
  • TSA approved. Hardcase safety lock